Warranty Info

Policy And Agreement

Please note that our warranty is not an unconditional warranty.

All items sold by PCandParts.com carry a 1-year manufacturer warranty. Manufacturer warranty & return policies vary but PCandParts.com will, at its option, repair or replace any defective part for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase.

However some items may have longer manufacturer warranties and can be repaired or replaced by PCandParts.com (Restrictions May Apply)
Warranty and support options vary by product, country and local legal requirements.

IF and when needed, PCandParts.Com may issue sometimes a credit note either for the current actual value of the returned item at the time of the return depending on its condition and state or for the original purchase price of the returned item whichever is lower.

Systems/Parts returned to Computer Parts without first obtaining an RMA will not be accepted.

PCandParts.Com will NOT be responsible for the return shipping cost .Customer pays shipping on all services. PCandParts.Com reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

PCandParts.Com will NOT be responsible also for the return shipping cost of the items labeled “Order” items during the 1-year manufacturer warranty. Special ordered items cannot be returned.

The returns are processed by PCandParts.Com and will be returned ( repaired/replaced ) as soon as possible.

It is the customer’s own responsibility to prepare the item(s) to be returned or RMAed in a proper package for a safe shipping procedure

Some items carry “Operational Warranty” and will be listed on the invoice as such, it Means that the item can only be replaced if Defective upon arrival.

Do not remove any labels from any parts or it will result in your warranty being void. Any wrong or damaged item must be reported within 5 days of purchase date.

Data recovery is not covered under any warranty and is not part of the repair or exchange process

Physical damage, Miss use, Abuse improper installation, usage not in accordance with the product specifications and instructions, alterations, repairs or modifications of any product will void the product’s warranty.

Modifying a product in a permanent way is considered physically damaged. PCandParts.Com cannot honor warranty for CPU’s or motherboards that have bent pins, cracked or chipped cores, burnt or otherwise sustained any other type of physical damage. Physical damage voids any warranty previously implied for any product.

For monitor & LCDs, we commit to respective manufacturer dead pixels warranty policy, terms and conditions as listed on manufacturer’s website.

PCandParts.Com RMA Department will not accept ,

1- CPU Model LGA-775 Grid Array 4 , Gold Contacts without the protected cover that comes with the CPU.
3- CPU with finger prints on Gold Contacts.
2- Mainboard with Grid Array 4 technology ( Intel D915/925/945/965/975 ) without the protected cover that comes with the Mainboard.
4- Mainboard with finger prints on Gold Contacts or bent pins

Our advice is DO NOT THROW AWAY ANY PROTECTIVE COVER that comes with the CPU, and the mainboard. This is designed to protect the CPU and the mainboard from dust or finger touches.
Under our warranty terms we cannot be held responsible for data safety and integrity left on returned items either for repair or replacement, customer is solely responsible for data back or removable before sending any item for RMA.

We would also recommend keeping products shipping boxes, especially the PC case and laptop boxes.

Warranty return items should be shipped back to our base in their PROTECTIVE packages as received.

It is highly recommended testing every product purchased from our company within the first 5 days of receipt date even if the product is intended for later use, we will replace FREE of any charge any DOA ( Defective Upon Arrival ) product reported during that period of time.


Printer Supplies : in order to meet manufacturer warranty terms and conditions ink & toner supplies should have at least 80% of their capacity and packed in their original boxes in case found DOA ( Defective Upon Arrival ) , we therefore ask you not to discard the original packaging until making sure that the product is problem free. Otherwise the warranty will be void.

Update: In line with VAT authorities recommendation and based on the VAT Law (Number 7634 dated 02/02/02 Part-1 Article-2 Chapter-6), kindly note that Credit Notes made for faulty products which were purchased in a period greater than 3 months, are not eligible to receive VAT credit. With regrets, the law is currently being implemented with no exception.

For any questions or clarifications you may have on this issue, please do not hesitate to contact our accounting department, and they will address all of your concerns.

By accepting delivery of any product purchased from PCandParts.com (“PCandParts.com”), you (“Customer”) agree to be bound by the terms and conditions listed in this section and the Return section of our website.