There Are Two Easy Ways To Place An Order :


1.Call Our Sales Office at 03-585 535

If You Find That Our Line Is Busy Or Not Available Please Do Call Back Later Or Just email

2.On-Line (Follow The Instructions Below)

Separate Parts

a) Browse our website or use the search feature to locate the product you are looking for.

b) Select the product(s) you need, add them to your shopping cart, once done, click on checkout button.

Fill the required information, check the total and place the order

c)  We will contact you via email within 6 to 12 hours for order confirmation.

d) Delivery Time Varies From 6 to 48 hours .

e) Payment is to be made upon delivery of the order

f) Once confirmed, you should not cancel or modify an order, we shipout orders directly using second day delivery service.

P.S. Our customer can ask for a free on location Customer Support for parts installation.  ( Check Shipping Rates )

Complete System

a) Use the COMPLETE SYSTEMS link to see a list of the offers available.

b) You get to choose / modify one of our offers or build your own computer with the parts you find suitable.

c) A $10.00 assembly fee will be added to the total value of the Custom assembled parts. A minor discount will also apply in case you choose to buy a full complete system.

d) Order can be made by e-mailing to: Sales@PcAndParts.Com

e) We will contact you by email within 6 to 12 hours for order confirmation .

f) Delivery Time Varies From 2 to 4 Days if all parts are available . If not you will be contacted by our sales office.

g) Complete Systems only are shipping charge free.  ( Restrictions May Apply )

PS. it is highly recommended checking your email within the 48 hours following order confirmation. ALL THE PARTS ARE NEW & CARRY A ONE YEAR WARRANTY PERIOD UNLESS INDICATED OTHERWISE.

Note that by accepting delivery of any product purchased from (“”), you (“Customer”) acknowledge that you are familiar with the instructions and method of use of the requested product.

Corporate customers, only when making company purchase orders, please note that in accordance with the Ministry Of Finance’s (MOF) decree No. 3083 , official newspaper number 52 dated 11-11-2010, all companies are now requested to show, on their invoices, the customer’s MOF fiscal registration number (الرقم المالي) or VAT registration number, along with the company classification (SAL, SARL, etc.)

Please do supply us with the required information when making an order.

This move must be implemented starting 01-June-2011.