About PCandParts

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality computer systems and parts at the lowest prices.

Do you really save money by shopping on the Internet? Sometimes you do, but you need to be satisfied that you are getting quality items and service. At PCANDPARTS.COM , we know quality computer parts, and we know which parts work together effectively. Also, the computer systems we build are custom made to meet your specific technology needs. It is not necessary to buy an expensive, high-end multimedia machine for your home or office. At PCANDPARTS.COM , we determine the exact needs of our customers and how those customers plan to use their computers, and then we explain the many available pricing options.
Moreover, we know the parts we sell, we have been here since 1998, few years down the road our customers will still be able to contact us and check exactly what kind of systems or parts they have purchased from us in the past and check their upgrade options. 

Our Products

Most components of our systems are independent of one another.

How can a video card be upgraded if it is built into the mainboard? It can’t. If the modem in your system ceases to function, how can you replace it when it is a part of the soundcard? You’ll have to pay the cost of replacing both! Most of the components of Computer Parts  systems are independent of one another, which allow you to replace or upgrade at a lower cost. Note that we do incorporate motherboards with built-in components in our offers due to market competitive reasons. Before you buy one of our systems, we’ll explain the maximum technology available for each of our systems.

Our Systems

Brand Name Components Are All We Sell!

After browsing our web pages, you will notice that we do not “stock” thousands of parts like many other companies. Why? We test and support every part we sell, and by selling top name, quality parts, it is very unlikely that you’ll have to return a part for replacement. We also have less support problems; therefore, we have happier customers.
Most of our products are cheaper than the ones on the market because we directly deliver from the manufacturer to the customer .

Our Vision

To be an active part of people progress in the IT and tech world

As online shopping becomes more popular in Lebanon we intend  to grow into every household , not only to be used as a reference but to actually be an active part of peoples progress in the IT and tech world. Most of our customers are tech savy people and understand the structure of our website, our aim for the short future is to provide the normal end user with a better online shopping experience with easy to follow instructions and secure payment methods