10 % Value Added Tax

Corporate customers, only when making company purchase orders, please note that in accordance with the Ministry Of Finance’s (MOF) decree No. 3083, all companies are now requested to show, on their invoices, the customer’s MOF fiscal registration number (الرقم المالي) or VAT registration number, along with the company classification (SAL, SARL, etc.)
Please do supply us with the required information when making an order.

This move must be implemented starting 01-June-2011.
Sales Dep., Computer Parts Co..

Starting February 1st 2002, a 10% VAT will be added to all computer components.
Prices are listed without V.A.T.

Update: In line with VAT authorities recommendation and based on the VAT Law (Number 7634 dated 02/02/02 Part-1 Article-2 Chapter-6), kindly note that Credit Notes made for faulty products which were purchased in a period greater than 3 months, are not eligible to receive VAT credit.

Which means if your part breaks down, after 3 Months of purchase date, and is to be replaced with a new one under normal warranty conditions 10%VAT only is to be repaid.
For any questions or clarifications you may have on this issue, please do not hesitate to contact our accounting department, and they will address all of your concerns.

It seems that the tax raise recently imposed on electronics is now expanded to include all computer parts & components, we'll be providing more details on the subject soon .
Mar 20, 2001.

The Lebanese Government Imposes a new 5% Tax Raise On Processors And Memory Modules as part of a tax raise on all electronics. More information will be available on the subject soon.
Mar 01, 2001.
0% Duty Taxes What Does This Mean ? 
DEC 02, 2000

The Lebanese Government has lately passed a bill sparing computer parts and components from Custom Duty Taxes. 

The original duty taxes on separate parts were 15% then they were lowered down to 6% a few months ago.
Speakers & Accessories taxes were around 25%.
The Duty taxes on Brand name computers and notebooks like Compaq, Dell, HP etc. were also high.

The new prices are scheduled to start appearing on the market as early as next week ( 3/12/2000 ). 

Said to be very promising for consumers and for the economy, What does this bill mean ? 

Prices are going to drop no doubt about it, 6%, but this doesn't mean that the prices of ALL the components are going to be the same as in the USA or other large countries .

Components imported in large quantities (HDDs, Memory modules, Processors etc.) are expected to be priced similarly to the USA and UAE maybe even lower due to the Low Profit High Sales policy followed by most of the Lebanese Companies, the shipping cost would be reduced to a few dollars per unit for the components that are considered to be standard . 
Whereas the specially imported  parts or the High-End Components just appearing on the American market will only be affected by a 6% price drop, the shipping cost per unit will remain high on these parts due to fact that they are not imported in large quantities and sometimes even as a single unit. 

Practically, it would be very difficult to buy a High-End Processor, the latest hard drive, the latest Ati, Matrox or Nvidia Chipset graphic card for the same price as in the USA . 

As far as Complete Custom Systems are concerned, it's estimated that a $1000 USD personal computer will be sold for $950 USD. In The Last 2 or 3 years Computer prices has dropped considerably, one can now buy a powerful PC for less than $1000 USD. 

The most interesting price drop will be on Brand Name Computers, Notebooks, Speakers & Accessories.

One thing is for sure, we hope, this will help Lebanon become more IT developed. Most of the Software is for Free and the Hardware is Cheap, what's stopping us now ?

DEC 02, 2000.
Sales Dep., Computer Parts Co..

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