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This section is based on the most common questions people ask, they might look simple to some.


  1. Q. How to enable Arabic language in Windows XP ?
    Go To control Panel
    - Regional and Language Options
    - Click on the Languages tab and check the clear box of ( install Files for complex script and right-to-left languages )
    - The system will prompt you to insert WINXP installation CD-Rom or i386 files
    - Click on yes to restart the System.
    - After restart, go to control panel and click Regional and Language Options.
    - Click on advanced, and Select Arabic ( Lebanon ) language from the Drop Down Menu and click on yes when prompted and restart the system.
    - You should be able to notice the language bar on your desktop that says EN for English and AR for Arabic.
  2. Q. How to enable Arabic numbers and letters in Microsoft Word XP & 2003 using Windows XP ?
    - After Completing Step 1, Open Microsoft Word.
    - Go to Tools, Click on options.
    - Click on Complex Scripts Tab.
    - In the Numeral Drop Down Menu, Choose Context.
  3. Q. How to enable Arabic numbers Microsoft excel XP & 2003 using Windows XP ?
    - After Completing Step 1.
    - Go To control Panel
    - Regional and Language Options
    - In the Regional Options Tab, Standards and Format,  Choose Arabic Lebanon from the Drop down Menu.
    - Open Microsoft Excel, Click on Tools and Choose Customize.
    - Click on the Commands Tab, in the categories section choose Format.
    - Scroll Down in the Commands Section, Choose text Direction and Click Close.
    - You should notice the addition of the text Direction sign on your menu bar now.
    - Writing the numbers in English or Arabic and clicking on that sign will allow you to switch between the two languages.
  4. Q. Windows 7, shall I use it ?

    Of course you should use it, it is stable once you manage to get all the drivers and software updates.

  5. Q. How to fix the Fan noise and heat problem with Prescott Processors ?

    Intel 800Mhz/ 1MB&2MB cache, Labeled E&F series, processors generates considerable degrees of temperature which in turn causes the auto adjusting CPU fan to automatically run at maximum speed causing a high and somewhat disturbing noise.

    Installing a Power supply with a respectable power output and dual fan will make the processor's fan go back to its normal RPM and lower the noise back its normal level, a Prescott compatible case can also be used, changing the stock cooling fan for a better one would be a good solution also.


  6. Q. I have heard a lot about AMD CPU performance and speed, is it fully compatible with windows and other software ?

     AMD processors are fully compatible with windows OS, Linux OS and the rest of the software that one might use on a pc.


  7. Q. My Graphics Card has a fast GPU but only 128MB of memory, can i increase it ? Yes, you can via your Bios settings if your VGA is AGP, AGP aperture Size, that lets your VGA use your system memory when needed. You can even allocate a certain amount of system memory for your VGA to constantly use.

  8. Q. Can I change or upgrade the VGA on my Laptop ?

    No, Not Yet, however some notebook manufacturers are starting to develop notebooks with an upgradeable video cards.


  9. Q. My LGA-775 Motherboard has an Extended ATX Connector ( EATX ), where can I find an EATX power Supply ?



    You can use your normal ATX PSU with a EATX Motherboard, even if it does not cover physically all the power pins on the board it will work normally.


  10. Q. My Laptop is old and slow, what should I upgrade to make it faster?

    You can add more memory and install an SSD, if that is not enough then you will have to get more money and buy a new one.


  11. Q. Can My DVD-Writer Burn CDs ?

    A DVDRW can burn DVDs and CDs, it can also be a normal CD-Rom and DVD-Rom.


  12. My DVDRW is defective, it cannot burn a multisession DVDR.

    Check the blank media you are using, it does not support multissesion. ( Multisession is the feature that allows you to burn several times on the same CDR until it becomes full )


  13. Q. What is the difference between a software ( Fake ) USB flash Disk and a Hardware USB flash disk ?

    Software is a fake USB flash disk that has been flashed to report the memory size it claims to offer. In fact, it has half of the memory size it reports.


  14. Q. I have an AGP Video card but it does not fit into my Into 915/925/945/965/975 chipset motherboard , is there some kind of adapter ?

    AGP cards does not fit into PCI Express, the VGA needs to be replaced. Although there is now an adapter it is still better to buy a new VGA.


  15. Q. My Intel P4 3.0GHz - 478-PGA 800MHz  does not fit into my Into 915/925/945 chipset motherboard, is there some kind of adapter ?

    You need to purchase an LGA-775 - processor compatible with new Intel motherboard.


  16. Q. I am not able to access the windows desktop, all I get is data execution prevention message, I can only boot & reboot my pc

    Go to Device Manager - Advanced - Performance (click on settings) - Data Execution Prevention
    Then click the "turn on DEP for all programs and services that I use except those I select"
    Choose "windows explorer"


  17. Q. I want to learn how to assemble my own PC, is there someone that can help ?

    Go To www.google.com and search for the keywords, there are several specialized websites that can help with detailed guidelines.


  18. Q. I want to learn how to setup a network at home, is there someone that can help ?

    Go To www.google.com and search for the keywords, there are several specialized websites that can help with detailed guidelines.


  19. Q. If i receive a defective item from PCANDPARTS.COM, how does the warranty work ?

    In case you buy a new product from PCANDPARTS.COM and it turns out to be DOA ( defective upon arrival ), you should report it within a maximum period of 3 business days so we can replace it FREE OF CHARGE within 24 hours of report date.

    In case DOA item is reported after 3 business days, Normal Warranty Policy conditions will apply and the customer will only pay for the return Shipping Fees ( Check Shipping Rates here ).


  20. Q. If i buy an item from PCANDPARTS.COM and it stops working after a while, how does the warranty work ?

    In case the product is still under the warranty period, You should check the  Warranty Policy section of our website for more information.





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