DXRacer OH/FL00/NR Formula Series Black Red N/A
10% V.A.T. NOT Included

DXRacer OH/FL00/NR Formula Series Black Red


  • Tall and straight back. The most office chairs have backrests low making it impossible to download the neck. The computer chair DXRacer has successfully eliminated this problem. It helps maintain a 90 degree angle at the hips, one of the 3 right angles recommended by doctors (knees, hips and elbows). The chair offers a 180 degree angle adjustment. The back of the office chair DXRacer can be adjusted to any angle needed. You can even go down to a horizontal position for sleeping or resting, so it is especially suitable for workers who do overtime at night.

  • Adjustable armrests. The palm rest can be adjusted to the desired height allowing an ideal elbow angle relative to the mouse. This protects the user from the tilt of the shoulders and kyphosis as a result removes fatigue shoulders and wrists after extended use.

  • Star base steel. The office chair DXRacer can be transported safely and is completely stable offering the ultimate in comfort.

  • Adjustable height. The height of the DXRacer office chair can be adjusted according to the height of the table. It is extremely flexible and adaptable to make office life much better


  • tall and straight back

  • Adjustment 180 degree angle

  • Height adjustable wrist rest to 8 positions

  • Star base metal

  • Height adjustable "gas-spring"

  • integrated armrest

  • adjustable back down to get a rest position

  • Tilt mechanism

  • Flexibility adjustable chair

  • Headrest and lumbar pillow includes

  • It supports up to 120kg load







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