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Intel P4 Boxed Processor

Update : It seems that the for the last 4 to 6 years all that we have been getting on the Lebanese market are original Intel boxed processors

Intel stopped making motherboards by the end of 2014 and is now focusing on other fields of production along with CPUs

With Intel constant Intel updates and products support issues like the ones listed below no longer exists

Mar 16, 2015.
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Intel P4 Processor Family . .
Product Highlights 
The Intel Pentium 4 processor is available at speeds ranging from 1.30 to 3.4 GHz. 
The Intel Pentium 4 processor is available in the PGA-478 and -530- LGA775 form factors at 400 MHz, 533MHz and 800MHz System Bus.
512 KB and 1MB L2 Advanced Transfer Cache is available with processors labeled as A & E series processors. 256 KB L2 Advanced Transfer Cache available with speeds 1.30 GHz to 2 GHz. 
533MHz / 1MB Cache are labeled A series processors.
800MHz/ 1MB Cache are labeled E series processors.
800MHz / 512Kb Cache are labeled C series processors.
Celeron Possessors with 533MHz/256K Cache are labeled D series processors.

Supported by the Intel 915, 925, 875, 865, 850 and Intel 845 chipsets. 
Fully compatible with existing Intel Architecture-based software. 
Integrated Caches include 12K micro-op trace cache and 8KB L1 data cache in addition to L2 cache Memory. 
Support for uni-processor designs. 
Based upon Intel's leading 0.13 micron and 0.18 micron manufacturing process technologies.

Here is the  link to the official Intel P4 page .


Intel P4 Tray Processor


Heat Problem with Prescott Processors :

Intel 800Mhz/ 1MB cache, Labeled E series, processors generates considerable degrees of temperature which in turn causes the auto adjusting CPU fan to automatically run at maximum speed causing a high and somewhat disturbing noise.

Installing a Power supply with a respectable power output and dual fan will make the processor's fan go back to its normal RPM and lower the noise back its normal level.


Do You Know How To Tell The Difference?

Intel Supplies processors in two forms Boxed that comes a three years warranty period and Tray processors (OEM) with no fan nor Box that comes with a warranty period Ranging from 30 days to two year.

Most of the Intel Boxed Processors available on the Lebanese market are originals whereas with the tray ones you'll be facing the risk that these processors may have been Remarked or Overclocked ( CPU modified by a third party in order to make it faster ) for the purpose of selling them for a higher price.
The easiest way is to look at the CPU fan if it's Black one labeled with an Intel Fan Logo your processor is most likely an original one , if it doesn't have the Intel Fan logo then your processor is a tray one and a fan has been attached to it locally. This type of  processors maybeoverclocked.
Always ask for the box of the processor as Intel fans are being sold separately on the market.


Performance : 
if an Intel PIII 450 Mhz have been overclocked to a PIII 600 MHz you'll be getting the performance of a 600 MHz processor the only disadvantage is that an overclocked processors gets a lot warmer, when operating, than an original one and the warmer an electronic component gets the slower it becomes.

Availability :
Most of the Celeri  processors available on the Lebanese market comes in tray forms in order to lower their shipping cost and for ease of handling , this is rather a good advantage , due to the fact that a celeron processor is not required to perform demanding tasks such as 3D rendering and Image Editing (i.e. 3d Studio) and temperature is not an issue as long as the fan is running .

A boxed Intel Pentium Celeron 533 MHz has a constant operating Temperature of 43 Degree Celsius whereas a tray one running at the same speed has a constant operating Temperature of 57 Degree Celsius.

Intel PIIIs Processors Are most of the times available in both types .

Back View Of A PIII Slot1 Processor ( Note The Intel Logo At The Fan )

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